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Annd I’m starting a blog

Follow me on my jour20180120_145311_HDRney as I attempt to figure out how to blog. I’m sure if nothing else the learning curve will be most entertaining to watch!

I started a bookstagram a few months back (spellbound_librarian) and I love pouring over the photos, but there isn’t much room for actual writing, so here I am.  I feel as though I should include a bit about me, so here we go.

My name’s Shannon and I’ve just been accepted into a Master’s degree program for Information and Library Sciences. So my name will be completely accurate in just over 2 years.  Given this, I feel inspired to rave about my favorite books. This includes anything magical , science fiction, speculative fiction, a fair amount of YA, and horror, but as it is I’ll read most anything if the synopsis sounds interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading, there will be more to come soon!

Wish me luck!



20 thoughts on “Annd I’m starting a blog”

  1. Looks like we decided to give blogging a go at the same time! Was happy to find you over on Instagram, cant wait to see more book reviews and suggestions Best of luck on blogging!

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