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The Witches of New York– A Quick Review

The Witches of New York is such a wonderful read. It is just packed with everything I love; there’s witches, a great historical setting, and feminist themes all in a beautiful atmospheric world.

It’s set in 1880 New York and its backdrop includes a fun amount of historical esotericism and occultism in addition to’ actual’ witchcraft. I thought this was a fun setting, as it always makes me smile that the scholars in those days were totally up for a séance in the name of science.

If I were to force myself to think of a critique, I would say that at times the story is a bit slow, but I enjoyed the world and the characters so much I didn’t mind at all. Which I think says something about how fun and magical the atmosphere of this book is.

So if you love witches and all things magical, this book is a must! 5/5





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