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My Favourite Magical/Supernatural TV Shows

I’m not sure if I’m the only person who gets in a magical/witchy mood and immediately wants to watch some good spooky TV shows. Each time this happens I am inevitably disappointed by my google search results. So I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favourite magical shows in case there’s anyone else like me looking for this! I hope you find something fun to watch!

Shows about witches and wizards

  • The Magicians
    • This show is actually based on a book series which wasn’t my favourite, but I love the show. To sum it up very quickly, it follows Quentin Coldwater a fantasy book fanatic, as he is accepted into a magical grad school program that he didn’t know existed. It’s really great and very well produced.
  • Charmed
    • This show is prime for 90’s and early 2000’s nostalgia, I’d watch just for the outfits honestly., but there is also magic! It follows three sisters coming into their magical powers and the dangers that come from that. It’s a bit soap opera-y but I’m honestly so fine with that.
  • Witches of East End
    • Unfortunately there are only two seasons of this show but I think they are worth a watch. It is about a family of witches composed of a mother and her two adult daughters as they are told they are powerful witches as a dark force looms. It’s a really fun show, and I recommend it.
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell
    • This one is also based on a book, which I actually haven’t read (it’s massive) but because of the show I’m now thinking about picking it up. It’s set in England at the start of the 19th century, in a world where magic is known about but very rarely performed. It is such a great show and if you are also a history fanatic you’ll love it.

Shows in worlds of magic

  • Supernatural
    • I describe this show to friends as adult Scooby-Doo. Sam and Dean are brothers and hunters of the supernatural, monsters of all kinds, demons, ghosts, pretty much anything somewhat supernatural is fair game. There is a lot of talk that this show went down hill after the 6th season and I agree. Those were the best seasons in with a cohesive and interesting story arch. Yet, this show continues on, and though it has gotten more nonsensical I still enjoy the monster of the week format and characters.
  • The Librarians
    • Okay, I have no idea how I have only just discovered this show because it’s wonderful! I mean it’s about a library full of all the worlds magic and magical artifacts and Librarians who must go on adventures to protect the public from inadvertent magical mishaps. It’s cheesy and sort of lame and all around wonderful. Watch it.
  • Penny Dreadful
    • This is a horror show is about supernatural creatures in Victorian London that integrates many different famous literary characters. As an example, one of the main characters is Victor Frankenstein and we also get to see Dorian Gray. I was so hesitant to watch this show because the summary I read made it sound a bit like a bad fanfiction. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is really a beautifully crafted show and incredibly interesting.
  • Once Upon a Time
    • In a similar vein but with a more lighthearted spin is Once Upon a Time. This show follows fairy-tale characters who are moved to the real world by a powerful curse which also removed their memories of their past lives. So we see these characters attempting to establish regular lives as well as flashbacks to the fairy-tale world. I will warn you the special effects are pretty cheesy but the characters are great.
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    • For some more 90’s early 2000’s goodness Buffy the Vampire slayer can’t be beat. I’m sure most of you have seen it but for those who haven’t this show follows Buffy Summers and her friends fight vampires and all other manner of supernatural beings. This show is very fun and worth a watch, though again the special effects are…occasionally questionable.
  • True Blood
    • I’d be a bit shocked if many of you haven’t heard about True Blood. But if you haven’t it follows Sookie Stackhouse a telepathic waitress in a world where Vampires have recently made themselves known to humans . I was aware of this show as it was coming out but I didn’t have HBO so I didn’t watch it as it was running. It’s honestly well worth the watch. The production values are great, and it is a really fun show. Though it suffers form a problem that many supernatural shows do, where after a few seasons the magical creature introduction become…rather silly.
  • Vampire Diaries and The Originals
    • I’m going to put these into the same category as The Originals is a spin off of Vampire Diaries. Vampire diaries follows Elena Gilbert– a teenager whose parents have just died, as she meets a 162 year old vampire, and his older brother. This show is exactly what it sounds like- a supernatural love triangle and it’s pretty good. Vampire Diaries has a special place in my TV watching as I started watching this as it aired. Both of these shows suffer from the same problem I just mentioned above but I would still recommend them if you have a spooky need to scratch. Also, I was dubious of The Originals but it stands up as its own show quite well.


Spooky shows that don’t really fit but I thought I’d mention them

  • Xfiles

    • This is another older show that I was dubious about watching, but is now my absolute favourite show. If you don’t know, this show follows Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, two FBI agents who investigate Xfiles- unsolved cases involving the paranormal. This show is delightful, its mostly a monster of the week format, and it doesn’t take itself to seriously. If you like spooky shows you need to watch this! And there is also a reboot!
  • izombie

    • When I first heard about this show I assumed it was just another show trying to make the zombie thing happen, the name didn’t help. I was happily  mistaken  to find that this is a wonderful and hilarious show. It’s about a zombie medical resident who helps the police solve crimes by eating brains. I know, it sounds so silly and it is, but it’s so good! This is an absolute recommend for anyone.
  • Ghost Adventures
    • This show is unintentionally hilarious. Everything about this show is so incredibly silly and dumb but it makes for such a fun watching experience. It’s a normal ghost hunting show but so much better. Its top features are grown men screaming at the wind as the narrator attempts to sound scientific, it’s great. If you ever need something in the background to watch or if you need a pick me up, this is perfect.

And that’s it! I hope you find something new and magical to watch!

If you have anymore recommendations I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking for more magic in my day!

36 thoughts on “My Favourite Magical/Supernatural TV Shows”

  1. Great post! Thank you for the suggestions! I can see that a binge of The Librarians is in my near future!
    Huge fan of the Magicians ! I haven’t read the books yet, although I own them! I also love Once Upon A Time, although I kinda feel as if it’s getting a bit tired… Supernatural, I feel the same; however, as you said, the monster of the week keeps it lively!
    While I am not a huge horror fan, I have heard great things about Penny Dreadful. I might have to give that a shot too!
    Thanks again for the suggestions!

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  2. I have watched at least one season of all of the shows you mentioned! I watched Charmed when it first came out(I’m an 80s child) as well as Supernatural. I got all the way through Charmed but got to season 3 of Supernatural before work got in the way. I’m binge watching them now.
    Didn’t care for Vampire Diaries – too old to care about teens and their love lives even if vampires are involved.
    True Blood I watched all the way to season 12 I think it was.
    The Librarians – waiting to see if they’re going to add another season – I really love this series!
    The Magicians – caught an episode here and there but work gets in the way. If the reruns are streaming anywhere please let me know.
    Penny Dreadful – love this series. It’s dark, gothic and a bit humorous at times. Love the clothes and the sets!
    X-Files – big fan of this series and glad to see it’s come back!
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s offshoot, Angel – were both good. I watched most of them when they first aired.
    Ghost Adventures – great for a few laughs but I don’t really care for it.
    The rest I haven’t seen.
    You didn’t mention Warehouse 13, I know there are several others you might enjoy, but I’m drawing a blank as to their names at the moment. I’ll let you know when I remember them 🙂

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      1. The Ghost Whisperer was another one that was okay – it was sweet most of the time. I’d give it a look just to see if you like it or not. Warehouse 13 has a lot to do with cursed items and it’s pretty good – another one I’d suggest checking out at least once to see if you like it. I can’t wait to see what other shows we might have in common! 😀

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  3. great post!
    i watched the first season of the magicians and altho it was confusing at times i really liked it!
    charmed and buffy will always be my favourite shows to rewatch because i loved them when i was younger.
    i didn’t get very far in supernatrual, only to season 6 but there are SOOOOO many seasons now that i don’t think i can ever catch up xD
    also love true blood (ERIK!!!!!!) and the vampire diaries (damon!!!!!) 😛

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    1. Thank you!
      I am also behind in Supernatural, I don’t really mind being behind because I mean, I can’t imagine being surprised at this point. I do like watching it in October though 🙂

      I would watch those shows just for those characters! There can never be too much Damon or Erik…. 😉


      1. yeah! i think every big thing that happens in supernatrual i’m probably aware of but i may wait untill it’s ended completely and then binge watch it all!

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  4. As a longtime devotee of Supernatural, and so many other shows you mentioned I can’t help but appreciate this post. I agree with you on iZombie too, it’s delightful and funny, and criminally overlooked.

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  5. Such a useful summary, thank you!👌
    I like American Gods. I was worried how they would interpret it but I loved it – its first season was so visually striking, reminded me of 300.
    My favourite tv show is The Game of Thrones. The gore is not for everyone but after a few seasons it eases of a bit.. I love its complex characters, their scheming.. and dragons 🐉. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I also loved American Gods! I’m so excited for more!
      I understand the love for Game of Thrones, but I’m so bad with names and characters I need someone watching with me to constantly tell me who everyone is lol! 🙂

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