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What Type of Reader Are You?

Everyone seems to have their own unique style of reading, so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the different ‘types’ of readers I know!

The Hermit

Once this readers starts a book they will retreat into their reading cave. You will not see this reader again until the book has been finished. Although in rare instances this reader might be spotted while darting out of their cave to gather food.

The Commuter

This type of reader thinks ahead and they are always prepared with reading material. They are ready to fill their daily commutes with their current book obsession. Free time is reading time.

A Book for Every Room

While some of us might balk at the thought of reading multiple books at once, some readers embrace the challenge. So much so that the more veracious readers of this type will have a book in each room of their home, so they are never without a book they are currently reading!

The Speed Reader

This type is a much faster reader than many of us. They will often have others comment in shock about how quickly they are able to get through books. While speed reading definitely has its benefits it also necessitates an ever growing need for new books!

The Turtle

In contrast, this type of reader goes through a book at a very slow pace. Whether they are being methodical in their reading or they are being interrupted by other things in their life, reading a book becomes a long process.  This process can become so protracted that they might even have to go back and re-read passages that they have forgotten in their reading gaps. Slowly but surely they finish their book.

The Accidental Night Owl

I think most of us have accidentally fit into this category. We pick up a book at a reasonable hour, and tell our selves that we will only read for a little while. After what feels like an instant we look at the clock and it is somehow 3 am.  Late night reading can be a dangerous endeavour.

The Self Spoiler

I admit I also fit into this category. While reading thrillers once the tension has become too much, I have the terrible habit of checking to see how the book ends! While self spoiling might be a controversial topic, I am positive there are a few more people out there like myself!

Please let me know if you fit into any of these types, or many of them! I’d also love to hear about any other types of readers I might have missed!Also, Happy Friday the 13th!


57 thoughts on “What Type of Reader Are You?”

  1. Love the categories! I always have a book with me, usually an audiobook as well as a paperback. I am also always prepared to fill any spare moment with reading. I read many books at once and keep one in my purse, in my desk at work, next to the bed as well as my giant TBR pile in the living room.

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  2. Man, I was like ‘oh well I’m none of these’ and then I read the last one, and I’m definitely a self-spoiler :’) when drama is too much I tend to flick a couple of pages forward just to check if it will work out!

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  3. I absolutely loved this read! I think I can see myself a little in each category. I can speed read, be a hermit reader, a turtle reader if I am interrupted often by my kids lol. Oh and self spoiler, yes I am that at times too. I think I am also a binge reader (not mentioned) 😉 I find that I go through periods where I read a new book every day and then I can go months without reading I guess that would be a fasting reader and a binge reader.

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  4. I am all EXCEPT the self spoiler. I’m weird about that. I won’t even peek at gifts because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. All the other categories describe me – even the speed reader and turtle. I’m usually reading 4 or 5 books at once. And usually 1 or 2 I’m flying through while the others I’m more of a turtle and savoring them. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. I’m a “book for every room” reader and a “turtle” reader. That means I’ll be reading multiple books very slowly. Sometimes I feel like I won’t finish any books for a long while, but then I’ll eventually finish a few books around the same time. But I always like to be in the middle of something because it’s so sad being in a book hole.

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  6. Well, I’m a little bit of a few of these things! Lol! Definitely a “commuter”, “a book for every room” and a little bit “hermit”… You can also throw in Accidental night owl since I went to sleep finally at about 1am since I was trying to finish a book… And now I’m up at 6am finishing it becauee my brain wouldn’t let me give up! Lo!

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  7. I think I may be part Commuter, part Turtle. I like to bring a book along with me for car rides (even if I don’t always read it), but I read kind of slowly, more or less so I can savor every word as I read rather than feel like I’ve missed something important. Reading on a deadline is not my strong suit.

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  8. When it comes to audiobooks (most of my reading), I am a commuter. I always have a book on my phone from Overdrive to listen to while driving or while doing household stuff.

    When it comes to physical books, I am an accidental night-turtle. Reading physical books takes ages and often results in “Wait, WTF? How is it 3am?”

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  9. Nice list. I can relate to the commuter, as far as having books at the ready for doctor’s appointment waiting rooms or hair salons. I read every night in the bathtub, so that would be my category. Tub reader. If it’s a good book, it can be a 40 min soak. If it’s poorly written, I’m out in 15 minutes. I guess that means good books make you cleaner. 🙂

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  10. I’m the commuter 😄 I love reading on the bus or on the ferry. I will also read, while putting children to sleep at work, and in my bath. Never will I read more than 1 book, then I start combining stories aha


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