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Bookworm Problems: Accidental All-Nighters

I have spent far too many nights as an accidental night owl as a result of my reading habits. In my What Type of Reader Are You post many people also seemed to be in this category, so I thought it would be fun to share my mental process when I accidentally stay up far too late because of a good book!

Good intentions

I always start reading my book at a reasonable time, and each time I honestly expect to be able to put the book down and have a good nights sleep.


This is the point where I am really enjoying the story I am reading. I am really enveloped into the world of the book and I am falling in love with the characters. This is the aspect I love about reading, the complete immersion into another world.


Annd after what feels like only a few moments of reading I look at my clock. It is somehow 2 a.m. I’m pretty sure books might interfere with how time works, and I think its rather suspicious.

Attempt to be a human

After checking multiple clocks to validate that hours have gone missing, I always try to go to sleep so I can function normally in the morning.

Decision that being a human is lame

I often will lay in bed with the best of intentions to fall asleep, but inevitability after 20 or so minutes, I start reading my book again.


Now about an hour into reading my book it is 3 a.m. and I know I’m not going to be getting a normal amount of sleep tonight no matter how hard I try.


It is at this stage I honestly just say screw it, and become even more determined than ever to enjoy my book. And If I finish it before I need to go to work or school in a few hours that is a bonus!

Final form

It is now 8 a.m. and I need to head to morning classes, I have transformed into a sleepless zombie or if I am being kind, a grumpy accidental night owl. I have either managed to get just few hours of sleep or none at all, but these are the strange lengths I go to in order to finish a book!

Please let me know if any of you have a similar thought process! Also, I’d love to her about any books that kept you awake all night!

30 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems: Accidental All-Nighters”

  1. Been there done that. When the final Harry Potter book came out…LOL…my daughter read it straight through. I tried but fell asleep. I’ve done that will a lot of books and feeling terrible the next day is worth it. Especially when looking back at it. 🙂 Just one more page…

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  2. I did that a lot more as a teenager and didn’t need a proper amount of sleep. But now I need at least 6 hours (preferably 7) to be a normal, functioning human.

    I’m still working on the “adult” part.

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  3. I think the last one where I completely lost track of time was The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. It’s a pretty lengthy novel, and I just got swept away.

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  4. Hahahaha! I love this! I love that you said it’s accidental, cause it so is! I never thought about books affecting the time continuum, but I’m pretty sure you are 100% correct. Either that or someone is stealing them. The worst part is, I am SO not a night owl. I’ll often start out the same and then look up and realize I’ve read past supper and bedtime and I’ve really got to find a bathroom! How does this happen?! Basic human needs just vanish until you look up and, oh, let’s not forget to breathe either. XD
    One book I distinctly remember reading all at once, without planning to, was Lisa Ann Sandell’s Song of the Sparrow. Loved that book! I don’t know how many times I’ve read it!

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  5. So this is what happens to me with great novels. Hmm… Maybe that’s why Stephen King books are on my shelf?
    Some books scare me so much that I want to close them at the end of the chapter. BTW it doesn’t always work, it’s just worth a shot.

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  6. This is pretty much the same thought process that I have, I mainly used to do this when I was at uni, especially when I didn’t have lectures the day after my mind would just be like, you can sleep all day it’s fine! Honestly I miss being able to do this!


  7. Lol glad I’m not the only one. My biggest problem with having this happen now is that my six year old students still have all their energy whether I have slept or not😳

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  8. This is me more often than I would care to admit. One time (over ten years ago) I got into The Watchmen late on a work night and I couldn’t put it down. The sun was coming up and I was still reading and I had the horrible realisation that I needed to get up to go to work in two hours, I hadn’t slept and I still wasn’t done with the book. I called in sick that day. Naughty but worth it.
    Now I make sure any all nighters are on the weekend!

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  9. I never try to go to sleep, I figure it’s already 2am, I might as well finish the book. Who needs sleep anyway? Ha! Then again, I’m probably older than you and have been doing this longer. ^_^

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