Monthly Wrap-Ups

April Wrap-Up

This month has been a bit slow for both my reading and my blog, and I’m sorry about that! I’ve been job hunting and recently got hired for a summer position, so it’s been a bit hectic! As it is I did manage to get a few blog posts up, and read a grand total of one book!

So the book of the month is The Handmaid’s tale. As it is I’m glad I was able to take my time with this book, and if you want to see some more of my rambling thoughts on the subject, here’s a link : My Thoughts on the Handmaid’s Tale.

I tried to make up for a lack of reviews with some discussion posts and I’ve really loved reading all of your comments! I’ll list them here in case you want to take a look!

      My Pottermore Sorting Story

      My Favourite Places to Read

      Five Reasons Why I love Collections of Short Stories

      What Type of Reader Are You?

      Do You Dog Ear Your Page

      Bookworm Problems: Accidental All-Nighters

From these posts I learned how many different styles of reading all of you have, heard many opinions about the contentious dog-earing debate, and got to hear about many of your Hogwarts Houses!

Moving on to next month, some of the books that I will be reading into May are School for Psychics and a Republic of Bats. I got these two books as a bit of a celebration of the new job, but I haven’t heard too much about either of them. In any case I’m quite enjoying School for Psychics right now, and I am so excited to start The Republic of Bats!

That’s it!

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