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Do You Read Books with The Dust Jacket On?

This is going to be a quick post, but I’m really interested to hear a discussion about your reading habits! So, I’m currently reading a hardcover copy of Rivers of London, and as I always do, I took the dust jacket off my book in order to do my reading. This got me thinking about how common this is in the bookish community.

Almost every time I am reading a hard cover book I take off the dust jacket and store it until I have finished the book, because I never want to damage the beautiful illustrations!

I always find when I do try reading a hard cover with the dust jacket on I always seem to damage the edges and crumple it.  Though this method often means I have a pile of dust jackets on my table before I get the time to put them back on my books and onto my shelves.

I was just wondering if any of you do the same or if anyone sees some benefits in reading with the dust jacket!

So, If you read your books with the dust jacket on or off I’d love to hear your thoughts!


75 thoughts on “Do You Read Books with The Dust Jacket On?”

  1. I used to take them off, but eventually realized that I’d rather have the cover art readily available to look at during reading. I once read a novel that had art similar to the dust jacket printed right on the book cover, itself, which totally makes sense! Not sure why others don’t do that…the expense or just tradition?

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  2. I typically take my dust jackets off as well. They make reading difficult somehow. HOWEVER I am currently reading a hardcover copy of Emergency Contact, and I just love the cover so much, PLUS the book underneath is completely white, so I have been reading with the dust jacket on, to prevent the book itself from getting gross inside my bag. So weird though!

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  3. I always take them off. I’m also afraid I’ll damage it. But it’s not even because it’s uncomfortable but I love the feel of a beautifully designed hard cover :D.

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  4. I no longer read physical books, but if I did and when I did I always took the dust jacket off, it would bother me, good question! Going to lunch with my parents who are avid readers I’ll need to ask them💜

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  5. This is one of those things that I’ve been battling with. I’ve taken covers off and others end up throwing them away with the garbage.

    Then again they’re also the ones who’ve ruined my University shirts, kidnapped signed jerseys (those aren’t stains!), and thought autographed pictures were fake. (As if I’ll be able to meet Andy Garcia or Morgan Freeman again.)

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      1. Thanks! I was thinking about posting the covers on an empty wall.

        Think the books with Authors’ writing a message to me would lessen their value?

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  6. I rarely read hard covers anymore. I used to be a HC purist, but I find them too big and bulky and heavy. So I’m a soft-cover gal nowadays. BUT…back in my HC days, I took the dust jackets off. Partly because I didn’t want to damage them, but also because I found they slipped a lot and kinda got in the way.

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  7. I usually take the dust jacket off but am currently reading Winnie The Pooh with the dust jacket on…probably because it’s a big heavy one that I’m reading open on the bed, rather than holding it up to read. I’m not big on hardcovers though, I’d rather have a paperback I can carry around with me!


  8. I haven’t bought a whole lot of hardcovers (just the Harry Potter books and a few titles from when Walmart used to have a bargain books table), but I usually leave the dust jackets ON when I read them. I’ve always had that habit. I just make sure to take extra care while reading. It doesn’t bother me too much.

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  9. I have two rabbits who chew EVERYTHING they are also free range so they don’t have a cage. So even though I know that I still leave books on the floor so I always take the dust jackets off so if they get the chance to chew it the dust jacket will cover it up when I put it back on the shelf 😹

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  10. I tend to buy my books used so I almost always get rid of the dust jacket. The books are always more beautiful without them, plus the dust jacket gets in the way.

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  11. I take the dust jacket off too! I can totally understand you! In fact, I have often decided against buying a hard cover book because of their impracticality in reading. But it is inevitable that there will be some books for which you don’t have the patience to wait until the paperback is out.

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  12. I leave the book jacket on… but I like my books to look a little bit loved, and I don’t know… I just don’t like the feel of a hardback without a dust jacket when I’m reading. Odd!

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  13. I am a total dust jacket on… but with a baby, I might change it up. Grabby hands everywhere lol

    Also, I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award 🙂 Cause you’re just that awesome! I enjoy reading your blog & wanted to let you know 🙂


    It’s easy to participate if you would like to, just check out the rules! No obligation of course!
    Happy Blogging! 🙂

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  14. I usually take them off so that I don’t damage them, but I’ve just started reading my nice set of hardback Harry Potters and it seemed a shame to take off the lovely cover and not enjoy it, so I am reading them super carefully!!

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  15. I never take the dust cover off. Like it bugs me to no end when it’s edges start getting crumpled in my purse/on my bed/whatever but I never occurs to me to take it off. It feels naked to me without 🙈 cause the covers are usually so pretty and then I can just hold the book up too if people ask what I’m reading. You know, in that introverted “don’t bother me” kinda way.

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  16. I tend to avoid getting editions with dust jackets at all because I take them off anyway, and I don’t always put them back on after finishing the book. They don’t only get damaged while reading, but I also find them disturbing my immersion into the book.


  17. Funnily enough, I’ve never even thought about taking it off. Older hardbacks that I own don’t have them but ones I’ve bought I have just left that way.

    Maybe I shouldn’t admit this but I used the sleeve as the book mark?!

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  18. I usually read books with the dust jacket on, but my son does not, so we’re split 50/50 here. I like the feel of the dust jacket, usually smoother than the actual cover of the book. He doesn’t want to take a chance at crumpling the dust jacket.

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