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Bookworm Confessions: Weirdest Things I’ve Used as Bookmarks Continued

This is my second post on this topic, I have continued to use really odd things as bookmarks and you guys really seemed to enjoy the first post. So, I thought I’d share some more weird things I’ve used as bookmarks.  If you didn’t see the first post I’ll link it here: Weirdest Things I’ve Used as Bookmarks, if you wanted to check it out.

I often find myself needing to save a page in a book I’m reading but I very rarely have an actual bookmark. I think I’ve owned a few over my reading lifetime, but I often misplace them and don’t have one on hand in the crucial moment. So I thought I’d share for the second time some weird things I’ve used as a bookmark!

Another Book’s Dust Jacket

As I mentioned in my last post, Do You Read With the Dust Jacket On?, I always take the dust jacket off of my hardcover books as I am reading them. As a result I often have a few loose dust jackets kicking around, and because they are flat and easily reachable they often find themselves as bookmarks for other books.

Nail File

This is another pretty common item that I use as a bookmark, because I almost always have a nail file in my bedside table that is easy to grab. This has made for some confusion when I inevitably try and file my nails, only to forget where I’ve put it.

Business Card

I rarely have business cards handy, but the other day as I was looking through a book I had read about a year ago, I found a business card for a local flower shop. I’m pretty sure this came about after I received some flowers as a gift and they must have come with the business card tucked into the tissue. A year ago I must have also been in need of a way to mark my place. I haven’t changed much.

Packaging of a Pen

I bought a pen a little while ago because I was ordering some books online and I was about 2 dollars away from free shipping for my order. So I quickly looked at the sale section of the website and bought a pen that looked cool and was about 3 dollars. The pen actually never ended up working, but it came attached to a piece of card stock with a pretty rose-gold and marbled pattern printed on it, which actually made for a very pretty bookmark.

Phone Charger

This is another item of total convenience as the wire for my phone charger is always on my bedside table, and in my reading hour of need, I often randomly grab for it as a way to mark my place, surprisingly it actually does the job pretty well.

Pack of Gum

I use this method more when I am reading on the bus, or at work. I often find myself trying to mark my place in a book I’m reading on-the-go with few options. As it is, an empty pack of gum is an item I normally have kicking around my purse and is a good shape for the job.

Train Ticket

In my first post many of you guys said that you often put your train tickets in your books, and it reminded me how often I do this as well. Almost every time I am on a train or a plane I will use the ticket for that journey as my bookmark., and it is a nice little reminder of when I was reading the book and of the trip!

Ouija Planchette

This is probably the oddest thing I have used as a bookmark so far. I recently bought a Ouija board at a second hand store because I love spooky things and I had lost my original one in a move several years ago. As a result I had a Ouija planchette near as I needed to mark my page, and as it is a pretty thin object it worked pretty well. As it is, I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidentally summon any book ghosts by doing this, so overall I’d say it makes for a decent bookmark!

If any of you have used any odd things you’ve used as a bookmark I’d love to hear about them! 

20 thoughts on “Bookworm Confessions: Weirdest Things I’ve Used as Bookmarks Continued”

  1. Oh man, loved reading this. I generally don’t use bookmarks, but when I do I just grab whatever is next to me? Sometimes it’s a pencil, sometimes it’s a piece of paper, sometimes another book 😛 an apple, a hairbrush, you name it x) as long as it doesn’t stain, I’ve probably used it as a bookmark.

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  2. Just read the related post, too. I use much the same stuff, including actual bookmarks. One that wasn’t mentioned that I use is a folded square of toilet paper…sometimes, well, that’s the handiest thing. 🙂 One of the cutest bookmarks (perhaps THE cutest) is one I’m currently using. It’s a little “sprout” – check it out here to see what I mean: https://www.amazon.com/Fred-SPROUT-Little-Green-Bookmarks/dp/B0074PRCZ0
    The stem goes into the book, so at the top you just see the sprouted leaves. LOVE It!

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  3. Curious: when you happen to get your hands on an actual bookmark, how long does it stick around? Friends have given me numerous cute bookmarks over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a book without losing the bookmark!

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  4. I love this post, haha x
    I always read when I’m travelling and keep finding tickets stubs and flight boarding pass-bookmarks in my books, long after I finished them, so I feel that one!
    proper bookmarks just never stick around for long at all, and it’s easier to grab random pieces of paper lying around!
    Would it be okay if I borrowed this idea for a post on my own blog and credited you for it? 🙂

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  5. I often inadvertently use my watch as a bookmark😂. The next morning comes the chaos. Where is my watch!… Quite often within some book. Sometimes it’s a kitchen knife, a spoon ,bangle..the list is just bizarre😅. Your bookmarks are weird too😂🤣. Nice blog.

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