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In What Season Do You Read The Most?

I know a lot of people who are able to fit in more of their reading depending on the season. So I thought I’d speak about my seasonal reading a bit and ask you guys if the season affects your reading as well!

I am personally a summer reader, and I think this is mostly because of schooling. I am a terrible procrastinator with school assignments, and I’m quite bad with managing my time. In addition to that, I am also the type of reader who likes to sit down for hours on end to finish my book. As you can probably see these two factors don’t work too well together as a result I often do most of my reading when I am off of school. So I usually stockpile books until those lovely school breaks, and then I spend far too much time reading.

After Summer I probably get the most reading done in Autumn. The reason for this is less motivated by good scheduling but something about the season. I adore Autumn, the leaves, the smells the atmosphere are just wonderful. So I am more often inspired to delve into a nice spooky book. Fall is really the only season that I think inspires me to read seaonal books, I find myself so much more tempted to read witchy books in October! I love the opportunity to sit down and read spooky tale, while looking out at changing leaves! Whereas when I read in other seasons I feel as though I am less inclined to choose books to fit the weather.

I know so many people love to read in the Winter. And the thought of reading in front of a fire in a cozy sweater does sound so appealing! When I do read more in the Winter it is usually a result of having received books as gifts or extra spending money. I imagine most people who identify as Spring readers would be inspired by the sparks of life starting to bloom!

No matter what season you like to read in, I’d love to hear about it! I’m really interested to know if you find you get to fit more reading in depending on the season! And if the seasons effect your reading choices?


26 thoughts on “In What Season Do You Read The Most?”

  1. I’m a summer reader too! I love sitting out in the sun with a book. I tend to read a lot of YA in the summer then Romances in the winter. Great post 🌻

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    1. Summer buds! I’m so excited to move to a place with a balcony so I can read in the sun more! I wouldn’t have paired summers with YA, but it really seems to fit now that I think about it–energetic struggles maybe. Thanks so much

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  2. Late fall. Something about it getting dark early and having a fire in the fire place… I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t read a book at all this spring or summer; we are too busy.

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  3. I’ve never actually given it much of a thought, but I suppose I’m mostly a summer reader as well, also because of school. Still, I can always surprise myself and read as a means of escape for when I am most busy (and should probably be studying hehe)

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  4. I think it’s the exam season I read the most. It sounds baffling I know. To me, reading a beautifully crafted novel in the middle of stressful preparing for any exam( well not the day before!) takes my mind on a vacation😁😍. Its the best feeling.


  5. I’m a year round reader but I think winter is more productive for me. I’m indoors more and dedicate more time to reading during that season.


  6. What a fun and thoughtful discussion post. I actually don’t have a seasonal reading time. I guess during the holidays I do have more time to read. Nowadays though, my schedule has been really busy so I tend to read whenever I need to unwind or de-stress.

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  7. I don’t have a season. I read all the time. I guess each season has its moments, however. So dark in the winter and a lot to do in the summer. I wonder if it matters where you live? It might. Chicago winters seem to last forever. We just drag ourselves through the darkness, so in summer, if it’s not pouring, we want to be outside in the LIGHT. This is a dark place to live. I suppose I should read every book that’s about sunshine, or deserts. LOL

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  8. I love this post! I get a reading done for different reasons in the different seasons. My commute to my job equals up to about 1.5 hours every day, so I get a ton of reading done (both book and audiobook) this way. Which happens all year round. I also listen to audiobooks while I get ready in the morning! But during the fall/winter, there’s nothing cosier than cuddling up with a cup of tea by the fire and delving into something atmospheric. It’s the combination of being warm when it’s cold outside and just the general feeling of autumn. I guess I don’t really have a reason to read in spring? Outside of just like, reading in general.

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