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Do You Fit The Bookworm Introvert Stereotype?—Discussion

I think there is a pretty common idea that people who would describe themselves as bookworms or readers are often introverted people. I think in most media, a person who loves reading is often a shown as a more reserved character, and I was wondering if you guys felt that this holds true in real life?

Personally, I think this sort of idea fits my personality quite well. I would absolutely consider myself an introvert, and I really do enjoy relaxing with a book after a lot of social interaction. I work a retail job in the summer, and while I really do enjoy interacting with people during the day, I really do love to just sit and relax alone after any extended period of social activity.

As an aside, I always find the concept of an introvert “recharging” alone after a social interaction a bit odd, but I think that is a personal quirk about the word re-charge, it just makes me think of a phone.  While I don’t feel re-charged really, I do find that I need spaces of time by myself in order to decompress and relax.

In addition to that, my friends also seem to fit this idea of a bookworm. All of my friends who have been veracious readers have also described themselves as introverts, and are similarly are content with a weekend night of reading instead of a more social activity. But again,

As a younger person seeing characters in movies and tv who were shy and loved reading was a really nice experience. I was an incredibly shy child, and being able to see that this was fine, and that there were many people who preferred watching the crowd instead of being in it, was lovely.

So all of this is to say, that I do feel as though the bookworm as an introvert idea is in line with my personal experience. But I was wondering if any of you had any thoughts about this sort of idea in popular culture? Do you find you don’t fit this idea at all? Do you think this idea is reductive, as I mean all stereotypes are by definition? Or do you find yourself identifying with this idea? I’d Really love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

46 thoughts on “Do You Fit The Bookworm Introvert Stereotype?—Discussion”

  1. I personally have never been a super shy person and always very talkative but I’ve been a bookworm my whole life. I think maybe I’m a kind of hybrid extrovert/introvert. I do love spending time with my friends and being social but I also really value having quiet time alone where I can read and relax.

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  2. I am definitely an introverted person. I’m not antisocial, but I don’t like being social often and even at social gathering I tend to be the one who is more to herself and I bring a book everywhere. Reading keeps me leveled with the stressful moments in life

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  3. This is definitely true for me! I think that society has become more accepting of introversion, but I do wish it was socially acceptable to read at a social function. Like, I’d love to be able to go to a party and talk to people for a bit, but I’m pretty tapped out after an hour of interaction in a big group. If it was OK to hang out and read without being seen as rude, I would love that.

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  4. I think I might be bipolar… what I mean is that sometimes I have days on end when I’m a full-out bookworm and then there are times when I can’t find the right temporal and spacial conditions to either read or write anything. As for being an introvert, I’m not sure it’s related to being a bookworm (in my case I mean) because there are simply moments when I enjoy being alone more than in the company of people, but it usuappy depends on the people around me. If I don’t like them I won’t bother to act like their friends and I might seem an outcast. On the contrary, when I’m comfortable around some people I become more of a social bird then I’d think possible. I really wonder if it’s anyhow related to being a bookworm with random patterns 🤔

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  5. When I was younger, I would chew through books like they were going out of style. This was before the age of ereaders, so I always carried a book (and crochet, in case I finished the book) with me. I’m an extroverted introvert. I’m good with people so long as I’m around them, then it’s all, “Damn, I’m glad that’s over! Now I can just be alone with me, myself, and I and de-stress a bit.” I can still chew through a book when I have the brainpower, but age and illness has slowed me down considerably. ^_^

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  6. I do identify with this definitely. I always thought there was something magical about curling up in the corner engulfed in a book, not just from the content of the book itself but also the act of doing so? It made me feel special that I was capable of being transported away into another world. I think a lot of kids (i.e. extroverts) might have struggled with that growing up, in my experience. But I also know that on some days, I feel more like an ambivert. I do need some social interaction, even if most of my day is not so social. And just the other day I took a Buzzfeed quiz (LOL) and it told me I was an extrovert. Which is the first time I have heard that. Ever. But long story short yes! I do think I identify with the introvert = bookworm thing as well 🙂

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  7. This definitely fits me, 100%. That being said, I know a few extroverts who are voracious readers, but they seem to be the exception, at least in my experience. I also totally fit the idea of re-charging after interactions. I feel very much drained and exhausted if I’ve had to actually *gasp* talk to people all day. Sitting home quietly by myself usually helps me feel much better and able to do it again without hitting some burnout. 🙂

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  8. I was a very obvious introvert from childhood, and according to my dad I’ve been able to read on my own since I was about 3 or 4, so I’m quite fine with being an introverted bookworm. Even in the years when I wasn’t reading books on a regular basis, I still had my nose stuck to some sort of computer screen, reading all sorts of articles.

    I kind of like the term “recharging” when it comes to recovering from social interactions, mainly because my brain is buzzing at 100 miles a minute and I definitely feel the need to decompress and get my mind and thoughts back into that happy medium that I like and that I’m used to.

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  9. While I myself am an introvert, I know several serious readers that are also extroverts. While I’d say most of them are more moderate, leaning toward introvert extroverts, they are extroverts none the less and definitely don’t read because they need the alone time. They just love a good book. I sometimes worry that extroverts see this stereotype and leave reading behind because of it. A lot of extroverted children are read to as children, but few group up to be readers. Is it their personality, the stereptype, or both?

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  10. I’m definitely an “I need some time alone to re-charge” kind of person. I do think that there is a difference in being an introvert and simply enjoying being by yourself occasionally. While I love spending time with people, after an hour or two, I feel completely drained of energy and need to be by myself for a little bit. An extrovert, on the other hand, will likely feel energized and ready to move onto the next conversation/event/etc. I believe that is what they mean when they say that introverts often need to “recharge”. Until a few years ago, I had no idea that this was an introvert trait. If you’re wondering if you really are more introvert or extroverted, there is a test you can take that is similar to the one I took in my Communications class: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

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  11. I am certainly an introverted bookworm! I enjoy spending time with my friends and going out, but even after time with them, I need some alone time to just read, take a nap, or binge some Netflix. I totally agree with the previous comments, and have to add, if it’s socially acceptable to look at your phone while hanging out or going to an event, it should be ok to read! A recharged introvert is a happy introvert! 😁

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  12. I feel like I am 55% introvert and 45% extrovert. I do love to just sit in my reading nook and read a book all day. However, I am also a very social person. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I am also not afraid to talk to a complete stranger, though it isn’t always that easy either. 😀

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  13. As my sister used to say, she couldn’t wait for everyone to go home on Christmas Day so she could start reading her Christmas books! Writers as well need that down time. There’s nothing I like better than dinner out with friends, have a good chat, but knowing I can go home and go to bed with my Kindle, better than parties … too many people and looking at you watch and wondering what’s the earliest you can politely leave!

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  14. Definitely an introverted bookworm here myself. So I feel like this stereotype so to speak fits me. However, I do have family members I’d consider more extrovert who are bookworms too. I think it honestly depends on the person because there are some people who just don’t like reading.

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