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Reading Challenges– A Bookish Discussion

I’ve noticed recently that reading challenges seem very popular in the bookish community! I honestly hadn’t really heard of the concept until I started a bookstagram account and started book blogging. Now, every so often I see another different challenge posted, where you along with people across the world challenge themselves to read a certain number of books, normally in a fairly short period of time.

I have never participated in any of these challenges, and I honestly can’t imagine doing so in the near future. I do want to make it clear that these are just my personal reading quirks, and if you love these challenges I’d love to hear why!

So to start, I am a fairly quick reader, but my reading pace is almost entirely depended on how much I am enjoying my reading material. If I am reading a book I am in love with, I will finish it far too quickly for my liking. However, I really hate the feeling of pushing myself to read a book I am not enjoying. Which I imagine I would inevitably end up doing at some point during a reading challenge.

Another issue I have is, I really don’t enjoy the feeling of being pressured to read something. I remember how much I hated having to get through books in high school English class, despite the fact I love reading.

I feel as though if I were to participate in a challenge like this, I might force myself to read a book too quickly and not properly appreciate what I am reading. I know when I try and finish a book too quickly, or too late at night I don’t absorb the information terribly well.

A reading challenge I do think I will take part in is the Goodreads yearly challenge. I think I would enjoy this particular challenge for a few reasons. The first being the time frame is a year, so you really don’t need to feel rushed. The second reason is that you get to choose the goal yourself, so you can choose a number that you feel comfortable with but also are able to push yourself to read a bit more in the upcoming year. Finally, I really like how integrated with Goodreads this challenge is, such that it will keep track of the books you are reading! I often find I forget just how many books I read and I think having a reminder of what I read months ago would be wonderful!

Overall, while these reading challenges aren’t my cup of tea, I’d really like to hear from those of you who enjoy doing them! I imagine it must be really fun to make your reading a more social and competitive activity for small burst of a time. I also imagine it would give you the motivation to finally crack into your to-be-read piles!

In brief , I don’t think these types of reading challenges are for me, but I would love to hear if any of you have participated in them! Did you enjoy the experience? Did it push you to fit more reading time into your day? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Hope you guys are having an amazing day!


24 thoughts on “Reading Challenges– A Bookish Discussion”

  1. I agree and as books are different lengths how does that work! I read to enjoy and my only challenge to myself is to review every book I read, not a long review, I leave that to those who review books for their blog.

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  2. I love watching challenge TBR videos and vlogs on youtub, but I dont really play along. I tried doing the Magical Readathon hosted by Book Roast, but I just got stressed out. I was part of a Facebook group that had monthly ‘games’ and you would read books that fit in with the game….I ended up reading whatever I wanted, and then at the end of the month see if I completed the challenge/game with them.

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  3. I agree. I feel like with reading challenges you are forced to read which takes all the fun out of it. I only do the goodreads challenge because you can set the goal yourself and can start off small and if you reach that just up it a bit 😊

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  4. I agree with you! I have a really hard time when I am told WHAT and WHEN I have to read something (which is why I have a hard time with ARCs). I participated in four challenges this year, and found that about a quarter of the way through them, I lost interest in keeping up, so I think that next year I will only do the Goodreads challenge.

    This is a great discussion idea, because like you stated, there are a lot of people in this community that participate and create challenges throughout the year, so I know that there are other opinions out there!

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    1. It’s such an odd phenomenon, isn’t it? I can be so excited to read something, but the second there is pressure to do so, I no longer want to lol.
      Thank you, so far it seems like a lot of people do have issues with them. I’m actually a bit surprised by how many people so far who don’t enjoy them.

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  5. I’m *almost* done with my POPSUGAR challenge and I’ve hated it. Yes, I chose the books and read some that had been on my TBR for ages but I’ve found it difficult to stay on track. There are so many books I’ve had to set aside because I needed to work on my challenge. Sigh.

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  6. The only one I have time for really is the Goodreads challenge 😬 i’d love to try one BUT with all the ARCs I have lined up to review and kickstarting my Bookstagram and Blog really has me focused right now.

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  7. I love some reading challenges! The read-a-thons that are a day or two aren’t for me, because I’m usually busy those two days and it’s just not feasible. I recently joined one that was a week long, and that felt like I had more time to get through everything at my own pace, and I did! I read four books in a week, which still left me feeling accomplished, plus I had the benefit of getting to meet a community of readers, which was nice. 🙂

    There are a lot of year-long challenges, though, that I like. Goodreads is always tops, because I just like seeing the cumulative achievement of how many books I’ve read in a year, especially compared to the previous year, etc. There are similar ones that focus on the types of books you’re reading, etc. I didn’t join any this year, but I think I might next year. 🙂

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  8. Reblogged this on John's Notes and commented:
    I have to agree with most of the sentiments in this post. While I have participated in the annual Goodreads reading challenge, that is the only one I have been involved in. I too like the timespan of the Goodreads challenge. It is fairly easy to set a reasonable goal for the year and succeed at it.

    I have to say that for me, I occasionally check my progress against the goal I have set, but that is not what drives my reading. I read pretty quickly and normally finish 2-4 books a week. Books vary so much in size and interest level, and there are other activities that encroach on reading time.

    I would encourage readers to join the Goodreads challenge. That helps you see what you have accomplished for the year, as well as lets you track what you have read.


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