The Dangers of Book Blogging

The Dangers of Book Blogging #72927

Accidentally letting your mother know that you have a tattoo, because you shared a link to your blog. My tattoo is a Harry Potter quote so I thought it would be a cute thing to list in my about me page, and I totally forgot about this when I sent her the link. Hi mom!


P.S. These numbers still mean nothing and will continue in that manner.

Please let me know if you think this series is a good idea! Also, I’d love to hear some of your stories about the dangers of book blogging!


Have a great day!

25 thoughts on “The Dangers of Book Blogging #72927”

    1. She took it really well. I just got a text that said something to the effect of ‘So will I get to see this tattoo?’.
      My brother is absolutely covered in tattoos so I think in comparison mine is pretty harmless lol!


  1. Keep blogging, it’s addictive and fun and you never really know who reads your posts. I’m an Australian writer and I love random blog posts. Mum will get used to the idea of a tattoo. I just laughed, the usual – Dangers of blogging – posts are about being stalked or having someone scathingly critical – mum seeing you have a tattoo is just a hoot!! Have a great day!

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  2. This is hilarious. I hope she was okay with it, haha. I’ve debated on getting one myself, but I’m afraid of what my parents would think – even though my brother has several.


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