The Dangers of Book Blogging

The Dangers of Book Blogging #73628

Constantly thinking about blogging even when you have things in your life that are slightly more pressing… Should I do my readings for my Master’s program?…. But the blog needs posts! And I’m missing out on reading fun bookish things!

So far being a giant nerd has helped me keep my priorities organized, but I am determined to schedule more time for blogging in the near future. Who knew that moving to another province where I know no one, don’t speak the language, and neither my phone or internet provider work in, would take up so much time? 😛


Please let me know if you think this series is a good idea! Also, I’d love to hear some of your stories about the dangers of book blogging!


Have a lovely day!

6 thoughts on “The Dangers of Book Blogging #73628”

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. This is so true. xD I spent at least an hour tonight trying to finish up work and then debating if I should actually work or get blog posts written, because I’m behind in my blog posts! I brainstorm about possible blog posts when I’m driving, even. It’s sad haha.


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