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Do You Save Books for Certain Times of the Year? –A Bookish Discussion

Now that it is finally October and it’s actually starting to feel like fall, I wanted to talk about seasonal reading. In particular I’d love to know if anyone else collects books to read at particular times of the year.

Before this year I honestly don’t think the season affected my reading habits too much and if they did I don’t think I was terribly aware of it. But this year in particular I found myself collecting and saving books to read to read in the fall. Fall is my favourite time of the year and I often spend most seasons wishing for it’s return, so I think I’m trying to get the most out of the season! The thought of reading a spooky book, under a beautiful fall tree is my dream!

So now that fall is finally here I’m so excited to start reading some spooky and magical books.  Specifically, I have a Shirley Jackson book I’ve been so excited to start, and I need to see how the new Hocus Pocus book turns out!

While I think this phenomenon is personally most striking this autumn, in a smaller way I have noticed the seasons do affect the type of books I’m reading. In fall I tend towards the obvious—spooky, witchy magical reads. In the winter I like mysteries and thrillers, and in the spring and summer time I think I read lighter books.

 Do any of you do the same thing? Are your book choices consciously seasonally related or do you just have different preferences based on the time of the year? Or do you just read whatever you’d like, regardless of season? I’d love to know!

Also I’d love to hear if any one has particularly autumnal reading recommendations! I always need more fall things in my life!

I hope you all have a wonderful and cozy fall day!


41 thoughts on “Do You Save Books for Certain Times of the Year? –A Bookish Discussion”

  1. In the past I generally just read whatever/whenever I wanted, but I think I would like to read more seasonally! For the fall I would recommend Three Dark Crowns, and upcoming for the winter (but they’ll work for fall too!) I totally recommend the Her Royal Spyness mysteries. They’re cosy and warm and I love them with all my heart ❤

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  2. I didn’t really give it much of a thought until now. I’m not a seasonal reader, I just read whatever gets in my hand when it does. And if I’m already reading something… then it goes on my never-ending reading list! 😀

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  3. Saving books for a specific period is definitely a thing. I can’t say I belong to this group of people, as I’m very impulsive with my reading choices, but I find that, maybe because I’m a teacher, the change of the season, asks for more reading goals, and it makes me plan my reading a bit. It doesn’t last long though.

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  4. Generally I read anything anytime. Occasionally a particularly seasonally related cover will suck me into the pages if the back blurb is good enough!


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  5. I definitely save my wintery/Christmas books to read at that time of year, feels wrong to be reading about snow in the summer! I have never really saved spooky books for autumn before but I’m definitely going to read a couple I’ve been saving in October this year, including The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

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  6. Mostly I do read whatever I feel like reading at the time. I have no problem picking up summery contemporaries in the middle of winter or fantasy in summer. But I do notice that I definitely lean more towards fantasy in autumn/winter and contemporary in summer. It’s not a conscious decision, just something that I notice when I look over my Goodreads page.

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  7. I don’t set aside anything for particular times but I have requested 2 ARCS solely because they are spooky themed and released in October so sometimes I feel like some books ‘fit’ a certain month better. It would feel strange to read a vampire story in July maybe and it would ‘suit’ October better but sometimes I just can’t wait to read a particular book and I can’t wait! I would like to try and theme at least one book a month though just to see if I liked it more because it suits the time of year…

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  8. I literally have a “spooky reads” shelf on Goodreads, with 50+ books. 🎃👻 And I’ve already put almost ten on hold at the library for next September/October! I like to be prepared and organized. lol I’ve also scheduled all spooky book reviews for September and October. ALL THE SEASONAL READING

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    1. Oh and I have a summer shelf and a Christmas shelf, but I don’t follow those as religiously. Summer reads are easier; and once I get my TBR list down I’d like to be more committed to Christmas reads!

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  9. I love reading seasonally! It’s something I started doing a few years ago and I found that it just wets my whistle. I do read or listen to non-seasonal books as well, but it’s just like movies… Nothing beats Christmas movies at Christmas!

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  10. Yes! I re-read some each year around the holidays, in the summertime, etc. I want to start reading more seasonal books as opposed to general books I read at a certain season, if that makes sense 🙂

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