The Dangers of Book Blogging

The Dangers of Book Blogging #382

Getting annoyed because the New Microsoft Word  helpfully informs me to be more concise in my writing– constantly. I understand this would be helpful for scholarly and academic writing, but this is a book blog; I don’t need this computer sass.  I need to be succinct in my writing for classes, I so I like using adjectives here. This is my blog I will use all of the fluffy, flowerful language I want, thank you very much Microsoft Word.










P.S. I imagine there would be some way to turn this feature off but it will probably actually be helpful in a class context, and I am lazy, so….

Please let me know if you think this series is a good idea! Also, I’d love to hear some of your stories about the dangers of book blogging!


Have a lovely day!


22 thoughts on “The Dangers of Book Blogging #382”

  1. That actually made me laugh. I didn’t know there’s a program that does it. I’m getting annoyed even by autocorrect, I can’t imagine something like that talking back at me. That’s vandalism, almost. It ruins the writer’s original style.

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  2. That is hilarious! I love me some adjectives as well! Word would probably blow up if I were to write up my reviews on that, I enjoy this series!💕

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  3. For grammatical advice, I use the “voices” in my head from past teachers (having actually paid attention in high school). I don’t need this in software form.

    So get rid of Microsoft Word and use something else… or look at the options in that contextual menu it displayed which indicate that you can change the features of Word.


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