About me

My name is Shannon and I’m a 23 year old who has just been accepted into a Master’s of Information and Library Sciences program. I think this fact makes it quite obvious that I’m a bit of a book nerd.

The genres that I’m drawn to include anything magical, science fiction, speculative fiction, some YA and horror. Though I’ll read most anything if it sounds interesting. Some of my favourite authors are Neil Gaiman, V.E. Schwab, Ray Bradbury and Joe Hill.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am a cat lady, well I’m an all around animal lover but I currently have a cat.
  • My cat is a giant jerk, do not let her fluffines fool you.20171122_220810
  • My undergrad degree is in psychology.
  • I’m Canadian which will explain a few odd spelling quirks
  • I am trying to learn French and I’m terrible at it. I actually took Latin in high school to escape French classes.
  • I have a Harry Potter tattoo on my ribs
  • I have spent far too much time googling the phrase ‘best witch/magical books’
  • My favourite movie of all time is Hocus Pocus, I’m determined to name a cat Binx on day!