I Won a Book!

I won a book from Goodreads! I think this is the first time I’ve really won anything so I wanted to share it with you guys and let you know, that you could potentially win free books! So I heard about the Goodreads giveaways a few months ago on some other blogs and I decided… Continue reading I Won a Book!

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Do You Read Books with The Dust Jacket On?

This is going to be a quick post, but I’m really interested to hear a discussion about your reading habits! So, I’m currently reading a hardcover copy of Rivers of London, and as I always do, I took the dust jacket off my book in order to do my reading. This got me thinking about… Continue reading Do You Read Books with The Dust Jacket On?

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20 Random Facts About Me

Today is my birthday so I thought I’d share a short post about myself! I feel a tiny bit odd about writing down random facts about myself but I really enjoy reading these posts on other blogs so here we are! If any of you guys have a fun fact about yourself I’d love to… Continue reading 20 Random Facts About Me