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Bookworm Problems: Accidental All-Nighters

I have spent far too many nights as an accidental night owl as a result of my reading habits. In my What Type of Reader Are You post many people also seemed to be in this category, so I thought it would be fun to share my mental process when I accidentally stay up far… Continue reading Bookworm Problems: Accidental All-Nighters

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20 Random Facts About Me

Today is my birthday so I thought I’d share a short post about myself! I feel a tiny bit odd about writing down random facts about myself but I really enjoy reading these posts on other blogs so here we are! If any of you guys have a fun fact about yourself I’d love to… Continue reading 20 Random Facts About Me

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Bookworm Problems: Cat interruptions

My cat Winnie does not understand why I pay attention to things that are not her. She is also a bit of a jerk. So, needless to say she makes reading, blogging and Instagram…interesting. I thought I’d compile a group of cat related reading interruptions because she’s pretty cute, and I’m sure this is something… Continue reading Bookworm Problems: Cat interruptions

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Words of the Month: New words I learned in February

I love learning new words and I often look up new words I come across in my reading. Unfortunately, I often forget these new words almost immediately... So, I have started to make myself write them all down as I learn them and I thought it might be fun to share some new words with… Continue reading Words of the Month: New words I learned in February

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The Alchemist- Review

Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations. Paulo Coelho's masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of… Continue reading The Alchemist- Review

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Annd I’m starting a blog

Follow me on my journey as I attempt to figure out how to blog. I'm sure if nothing else the learning curve will be most entertaining to watch! I started a bookstagram a few months back (spellbound_librarian) and I love pouring over the photos, but there isn't much room for actual writing, so here I… Continue reading Annd I’m starting a blog