Review policy

I am currently Open to review requests.

Genres I prefer to read:

-Literary fiction

-Science fiction

-Fantasy (though I don’t tend to enjoy high fantasy)



-Historical fiction

-I do have a particular love for magic. So I will be very interested in books about witches, magical realism or with any magical elements.

My Reviews

My reviews will include my rating of the book out of 5 stars, the author of the book, and a publishers blurb, as well as a release date for new releases.

I will try for a 4 week turn-around from receiving a copy of a book to a review. If there are any specific time requirements I will let you know if I will be able to meet them.

I reserve the right to not post a review of a book. I will not review a book that I did not enjoy or did not finish. I’d prefer not to have to read and give a negative review about a book that I did not enjoy, but which others might.

I will also be posting my reviews on Goodreads and this blog, in addition to promotion on my Instagram page.


When emailing please include a summary of the book, any review deadlines, and a picture of the cover.

Please note I live in Canada.

Please email me at


My ratings are out of 5 stars including half star additions.

5- I adored this book!

4- I really liked this book!

3- I liked this book but I would have changed a few things.

2- I thought this book had potential it didn’t reach.

1- I did not enjoy this book at all