My Favourite Book Covers

I finally got around to organizing my bookshelf the other day, and in doing so I found a few unique books that I forgot I owned, so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you guys! This is a small sampling of covers I love, some I like because of the artwork and some because they are older copies of books I love.

I just love how graphic and striking this older copy of 1984 is!


My copy of Rosemary’s Baby might be my favourite book looks wise. I bought this a while ago in a large book sale event for 3 dollars. I just love the artwork, the house looks so imposing and spooky, it’s wonderful!











This isn’t a vintage book, but I love how witch-y this book looks. It really manages to capture the spirit of the story perfectly.


I adore how simple this copy of Slaughterhouse-Five is. It only has Kurt Vonnegut’s signature on the front in gold, along with both titles of this book along the spine.










Finally, I have to mention my copy of We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I think the artwork is so strikingly odd, and distinct. Again, I really feel as though this art captures the feeling of the book!










So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favourite book covers! If anyone wants to recommend me books with fun or odd covers I’d love to take a look!



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