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What Colour Book Covers Call to You?

If you step back and take a glance at your bookshelf does a specific colour feature more prominently?

Every so often I see wonderful bookstagram posts where there is a spread of rainbow books, or a collection of beautiful spring coloured books arranged just so. Which got me to thinking, I don’t think I own a single pink coloured book…

When I was a teenager, I read pretty much exclusively books in the YA paranormal genre, and so my bookshelves featured a lot of black book covers with pops of red detailing. This combined with the fact that my bookshelf was placed in front of my self painted black painted walls, it was a very particular look.  Now while I read pretty broadly, I find I don’t get drawn to very light book covers, although I adore those colours.

Right now, my bookshelf is still has many black covered books, with some orange, red and blue thrown in. I just thought it was a bit funny how often I am attracted to certain book covers and how it changes the colour palette of my shelf!

I’d love to know if anyone else notices certain colour patterns in the books they choose!


9 thoughts on “What Colour Book Covers Call to You?”

    1. You know, I don’t really notice bindings! The words are more important to me. But, now I come to look, I seem to have a fair bit of green on my shelves. Also blue, maroon, yellow, and brown, with splashes of black and orange here and there. I’

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  1. I can honestly say I have never bought a book based on the color of its cover. I couldn’t even tell you the color of the books on my shelves, just that I’ve got a lot waiting on me to read them!


  2. I arranged my books by colour a few years ago … it didn’t last very long, but I did notice A LOT of black books. The next most common was white!


  3. I have a ton of red covered books on my shelves but it wasn’t on purpose by any means. I’m usually drawn to pastels and anything blue.


  4. I find that I have a predominance of bright sky blue books on my Kindle app. It shows up a lot on contemporary romance and women’s lit book covers and I find it’s showing up on some of my fantasy covers with purple, too.

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